Thursday, September 13, 2012

Outdoor Rug Makeover

"Rug" and "Makeover" don't usually go together in the same sentence, but they should really go together more often than they do!

I've been in the works of redoing our 8 year old outdoor rug, and 'lo and behold if I didn't see this pop up on BHG's website!  Great minds think a like! :)

I adore theirs, and wish I would have thought of doing it the reverse way myself.  HOWEVER, if you try either of these projects, I have to disclose that during the trial and error of this project, I HIGHLY recommend using any paint OTHER than spray paint! I don't know if it's the Kansas wind that took over, or if my rug was just not going to budge and allow itself to soak in the spray paint, but after using an entire can + of spray paint, we concluded that using a different kind of paint is the theory that worked best (for us).  

To start;

You'll Need:
An Outdoor Rug
Pre-Cut Stencil
Paint Brush
Newspaper if you decide you're still going to go ahead and try the spray paint theory. ;)

Start with a clean outdoor rug:
Put your pre-cut stencil in place:
Using scrap pieces of paper, protect the sides of the initial from your spray paint.  If you're stenciling in, you will skip this step.
 Spray to your hearts content.  I gave up, after 1.5 cans of spray paint, and filled in my initial with acrylic paint and a brush.

So that you can see the project both ways...

Here is the spray painted version.
Meh...Could be worse...

Here is the spray painted, then brushed version:
Gonna have to go with option 2 here.  Just sayin' :)

Additional Note:  Since I spray painted and then brushed, I did not brush the side design squares.  Seemed to help save my project fail, and overall I'm really happy with the project.  I love a good upcycle! :)

Need further tips and tricks?  I hope I can help!  Comment or email me.

Happy Crafting!

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