Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Conversion Series by S.C. Stephens - Reading Order

Everyone knows how much I enjoyed S.C. Stephens Thoughtless Series.
I don't think I will ever get over Kellan Kyle, and from what I've seen, it looks like I'm sharing him with most of the free world!

That said, I am and have been intrigued with her newest release(s) - The Conversion Series.

It's a vampire series, but hold up!
Teren is different.
He has plenty of vampire like qualities -
Like fangs, and super sonic speed, BUT he also has a Heartbeat!

If that's not enough to steal you away, then check out some of these fan made trailers (see Below).
Oh yea...and here's the Reading Order!

Conversion, (Conversion Series #1)

Bloodlines, (Conversion Series #2)

'Til Death, (Conversion Series #3)

Fan Made Trailer...
I am a sucker with pretty much anything that has Matt Bomer in it!

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