Monday, April 7, 2014

The Devil's Kiss Trilogy by Gemma James

Kayla is a hard working single Mom, but she finds herself in a rut when her boss finds out she's stolen a serious lump of cash!

Gage, her boss, has had his eye on Kayla for awhile, and has no qualms about using this information as bait to benefit himself.

He has all the power, so proceeds to do what any self righteous man would do - Gives her an ultimatum.
Personal Slave or jail time!
Ruh Roh!!

From the get-go, I was wrapped in their story!
Gage is incredibly powerful.
It's hard to suppress how infatuating he is in one word.

We know what he's doing isn't right, and when he is....Um...Let's say "experimenting" with Kayla, you find yourself saying XYZ is soooo wrong on so many levels, yet we somehow enjoy the twisted-ness of it all.

I, for one, thoroughly enjoyed The Devil's Kiss Trilogy, and am looking forward to starting Devil's Salvation ASAP!

Warning!  Warning!
There IS a bit of a cliffhanger, but you'll be so entranced, you'll be dying to read book 2 anyway!!

4.5 Stars for me! Read it!


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