Thursday, April 17, 2014

Tainted Bodies (The Photographer Trilogy, Book 1) by Sarah Robinson

I have been in a dark reading mood lately, and I knew Sarah Robinson's "Tainted Bodies" would be the perfect read!

It's dark.  Not spooky dark. Crime, thriller, sorta creepy (at times) dark.

The whole story is a build up of Kate's life.  She's single and wants to mingle, but it doesn't stop there.  It goes deeper.

So there's a build up on her life as a whole, which leads to the darkness of the story. 

Let me tell you...
Once you hit that "it" factor - Whew - It's peddle to the metal!
You physically cannot put it down from there!

Now - Words from the wise.
Yes; I would be speaking about Moi!
If you can not handle dark subject matter - This is definitely not a read for you!

However...If you like to dabble into reading material with witty characters, a hilarious fat fluffy cat, and venture into the dark side of things and see how incredibly empowering it is to watch someone's life come tumbling down like a boxed set of JENGA, yet still hold it together *sucks in a breath* then "Tainted Bodies" is absolutely a must read!! <---Was that really one sentence?!  Too much excitement, I suppose. *Wink*

Check it out -
I want to see if you can solve the mystery!
I have my speculations!!

4.25 Stars for Me!


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