Friday, April 4, 2014

Love in L.A. Series by Audrey Harte - Reading Order Guide

Ever been so down on your luck trying to met someone that when it happens you feel like your luck has changed, and when it changes, it's like all things start happening and coming out of the wood works like bam, bam, bam!?!

Meet Annie.
This is her life.

She finally meets someone, but they're torn apart when he has to leave to go on tour and then another guy from Craigslist decides to make an appearance!

Love in the L.A. Series should be read in order.

Love in All the Wrong Places, (Love in L.A Series, Book 1)

All the Right Things, (Love in L.A Series, Book 2)

The Winner Takes it All, (Love in L.A Series, Book 3)  <--Cover Reveal Coming Shortly!  Expected Release Date September 16, 2014!

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