Sunday, March 9, 2014

Flowering Series by Sarah Daltry - Reading Order

So here's the deal.
The Flowering Series Reading Order can be read (mostly) in any order.

Sarah states that there is some crossover between the titles, but each stands alone as one character's story.

"Star of Bethlehem is a direct continuation from Forget Me Not and Lily of the Valley. In essence, the first three are #1, Star of Bethlehem is #1.5, Orange Blossom is #2, and Ambrosia is #3."

So here's the order:

Forget Me Not, (Flowering Series 1)

Lily of the Valley, (Flowering Series)

Blue Rose, (Flowering Series)

Star of Bethlehem, (Flowering Series, 1.5)
Orange Blossom, (Flowering Series, 2) - Cover Reveal Coming 3/11! Release Date June 6, 2014!
Ambrosia, (Flowering Series, 3) - Release Date June 6, 2014!

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