Friday, November 9, 2012

Homemade Biscuits & Gravy

Did you just salivate? LOL! It's ok; We're all friends here. ;)

This is one of my all time asked for recipes from my friends and family alike.

I've said it before, and I'll say it again...Pay attention when you're in the kitchen! You never know when that "secret" family recipe is being passed down!

Now, I have known how to make biscuits and gravy for....well...a long time now.  Probably since I was 8 or 9, watching my Grandma in her kitchen.  Now...don't go get all crazy...  This is my own recipe from what I've learned from her over the years.  Which is a great thing!  It has at least half the fat, but still has all the delicious, creamy, taste bud pleasing, goodness you'd expect from Grandma's Gravy!
Looks just like Grandma's.  Don't forget the extra pepper!

So let's get started!!!

You'll Need:
1# of your favorite sausage
4 cups of whole or 2% milk
3-4 Tbsp of Flour
A whisk, skillet, patience, and a strong arm ;)

Brown your sausage like you normally would, chopping it into some crumbles as you go.
After it's cooked, drain the fat.
Add back to your skillet, and with a regular ol' tablespoon from your silverware drawer, measure out 3 heaping tablespoons of flour.
Adding one at a time, to your sausage, mixing well in between scoops.
With your skillet (now on medium-med high heat),  SLOWLY add in your milk. 
I season the gravy as I go.  It can lump quickly, so never ever walk away.
If you're baking biscuits, now is a good time to pop those in.  Then everything will all be ready and piping hot!
Continue to stir the gravy continuously until nice and thick.
FYI:  This make a ton of gravy, but it re-heats beautifully.  A nice tip for those leftovers - Add a splash of milk and stir before microwaving.  Continue to add milk (little by little) until its the consistency you like. 


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  1. Your mama wants some of this. Next time you visit bring your strong arm! Haha lol