Monday, November 5, 2012

Breakfast Square Wrap

Mmm...There is a certain somewhere I get these things ALL the time.  They're additively yummy, and I can honestly say I have felt like I was going through withdraws if I wasn't able to get one!

You'll Need:
Tortilla Shell
Turkey sausage (shown) but pork is my favorite!
Scrambled Eggs
Slice of Cheese
Vegetables and picante sauce, if you like

To start lay your tortilla shell on a flat surface, and add your hot sausage patty:
Add a piece of sliced cheese on top:
Then your eggs:
Start wrapping it up.  I fold all 4 corners to center:
Throw the square wrap, back into your skillet, you used to cook the eggs to seal the seams, cut it up and dive in.
CAUTIONYou'll want to double, triple, or maybe even quadruple the recipe.  Everyone around you will want one!

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