Friday, May 9, 2014

Club Prive, Book II, by M.S. Parker


Could you forgive someone who has betrayed you? When your head reprimands you to do one thing, but your body screams another. 

What would you do?
How would you feel?
Can there be a middle ground?

In Club Prive, 1, we grew to understand how passionate Gavin is about Carrie.
As intense as we thought 1 was, Prive 2, has nothing on that.
Gavin gives us so much more.

Not only on the intensity side, but the sincerity side, and he had me going bonkers in the best of ways over that.

And guess what?
Just when we *think* our lovely Mr. Gavin has all his little skeleton's out of the closet, he throws the hammer down with another big one! 

Bet you didn't see that one coming, did you Carrie?
Me either!

Looking forward to digging deeper into the mind of our bad boy in Club Prive, 3!
I think we're going to see a whole new side, and I can't wait!
4.5 Stars for me!

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