Monday, January 7, 2013

Cool People Care

I saw this message floating around and I thought it was quite appropriate for all of those trying to make themselves anew for the new year. 

So, what resolutions did you make for yourself this year?  Did you take the plunge?

I personally used to never make resolutions.  That is until my daughter came along.  
Since then, I seem to always make some type of resolution that has to do with self improvement.  They're mostly along the lines of...
 - Don't be so hard on yourself.  You're doing the best you can! Don't take others 2 cents to heart.  YOUR opinion and beliefs matter most!!
- Organize, Organize, Organize!  It is absolutely insane how much beautiful chaos (especially Toys and Clothes!) enters the household once you have a child.  I feel I'm always swiping out clothes sizes and trying to find a new spot for the grand toy item of the week.

This year, I'm going to continue my 1st two resolutions, as I have for the past 2 years.  

I still battle with the "Don't be so hard on yourself"  I think every Mother comes across this at some point in time.  We all only want what's best for our children and sometimes it can be an inner battle with yourself.  Am I doing the right thing?  What would my Mom have done? Was I too hard on her/him/them?

Organize!  Good grief.  I think this *might* be the year I let go.  My daughter is 2.5 and I still have EVERYTHING from her baby years.  Clothes, sippy cups, bottles, shoes, bibs, blankets, toys, you name it.  Instead of hoarding these things in my basement, why not give them away to someone who can really use them.  Again, this is an inner battle with myself, but I'm going to try.  I always go back n' forth on "Well what if we have another...then I have to start all over" but ya know...if and when we do have another, they will get a fresh start.  Besides, if we have a boy next go round, he wouldn't exactly look like the hunky bubby he should in a frilly pink dress.  Just sayin'. 

This years resolution is to print more pictures and put them in photo albums.  I have a MASSIVE photo storage outlet, thanks to Shutterfly, but sometimes it's nice to flip through a book to see and feel those memories again.  Part 2, is to keep recreating memories.  I feel I have done a very good job with this, thus far, but I want to instil the importance of travel, the earth, and culture into my daughters veins.  The world is a beautiful thing.  Why not start with our own city?!  Yep.

So go ahead and share with me your tips, tricks, and resolutions.  2013 is going to be a great year! 

All aboard!

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