Friday, September 28, 2012

How to Repair your Underwire Bra

Good Morning All...

I just HAD to share this fantastic find with you today! 

Several months ago, I found this PIN on Pinterest.  Upon seeing it, it was one of those PINS where I was in such a state of shock that something as simple as this could possibly work...that I just HAD to try it!

Well my little blog lovelies...after about a week of trying this out now, let me save you from wonder...because this DOES in fact WORK!

I mouth dropped open too!!!!!

I have tried this on 2 bra's now.  Both have been worn and washed, which I didn't have any luck with washing, but after a quick re-apply, they're still trucking right along!


Thanks Chaotically Creative for coming up with such a brilliant idea!  You have literally saved me hundreds of dollars from buying new, and my poor fingers thank you from trying to sew them shut!!

TGIF All!!!

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  1. I just saw this Melissa, sorry Mom approved your comment I must have missed it. I am so glad to see that it worked for you! For those tougher fixes we came out with an stronger adhesive, pre-cut tabs called the Fix A bra which women can carry in the purse it comes in black too. I wanted women to to have a portable fix and we plan to get all colors in the future. Thanks for sharing. Lesley